Clean Energy Trust Releases White Paper
on Philanthropic Interventions for Clean Energy

How should we think about the best way to promote clean energy and reduce emissions in the U.S.? We gathered some great thinkers across business and philanthropy (and supplied plenty of coffee) to capture their ideas in a new white paper.

Even as the deployment of renewable energy assets reaches an all-time high, much work remains to ensure current trends continue. We’d like to share with you a white paper that discusses how best to continue and accelerate these trends.  

Earlier this year, Clean Energy Trust convened a two-day roundtable in Chicago on behalf of Lukas Walton. This dialogue brought together key thought leaders in the energy space in order to identify strategies to accelerate the decarbonization of the U.S. electric power sector.

The roundtable and the conversations that took place afterward laid the foundation for this white paperPhilanthropic Interventions for Clean Energy: Strategies to Accelerate the Decarbonization of the U.S. Electric Power Sector.” 

We hope that this document can help to inform philanthropic interventions in the energy space and spur a dialogue regarding how to most effectively and efficiently decarbonize. 

Download the full paper here. 

By Ian Adams | October 16, 2017