President Obama and the MacArthur Foundation Double Down on CleanTech

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MacArthur’s $50-Million Climate-Change Push Aims at VotersScreen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.10.02 AM

With a $50 million dollar investment, the MacArthur Fund seeks to make Climate Change much more of an issue on the minds of voters.

Peering into Energy’s Crystal Ball

McKinsey & Company looks back on their predictions about past energy use and tries to forecast future of energy.

How Google and Friends are Killing Cleantech Startups

While we love seeing large companies getting becoming a part of the green landscape, there are some potentially unintended consequences.

Exelon Doubling Down on Bloom Energy Fuel Cells

Doubling of investment in Bloom Energy which is providing fuel cells for Walmart, AT&T, and others

Technology & Business

Rate Plans and Distributed Solar
Renewable Energy Magazine lays out the importance of rate design for distributed solar projects.  This is extremely important as solar becomes a larger player in supplying power to homes.

Amazing New Process Treats Wastewater, Captures Carbon and Makes Renewable Energy

As the Clean Power Plan continues to require power plants to treat waste water, this new process deals with the emissions that are caused by treating that water.

Google Introduces Project Sunroof

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.10.30 AM
Google is beginning to leverage their massive database of maps to help customers become more educated on solar for their homes.  The applet lets someone see how many hours of sunlight their roof gets and how much they would be able to save by installing PV panels on their roof.  Interestingly enough one of our portfolio companies, SunNumber does the same thing, in more places:


How Tesla Will Change the World

This is an extremely in-depth and very comprehensive look at the importance of electric cars and how Tesla is revolutionizing not only the car industry but also having massive effects on utilities.  A great primer for those who might not be as experienced with cleantech, as well as providing some interesting insights.

New Advanced Battery Developments at JCESR

Clean Energy Trust is excited to announce JCESR's two new metal-anode battery breakthroughs

Clean Energy Trust is excited to announce JCESR’s two new metal-anode battery breakthroughs


Energy Efficiency and the Clean Power Plan
An interesting discussion on how the new Clean Power Plan will effect energy efficiency projects.

Fossil Fuel Industry Can’t Stop Renewable Energy

President Obama doubled down on his push for clean energy, calling out industry leaders at an event with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.


By Alex Foucault | August 26, 2015