Confluence Philanthropy's Annual Practitioners’ Gathering


On Friday, Ben Gaddy our Director of Technology Development will be speaking at the Confluence Philanthrophy’s Annual Practitioners Gathering.

“Confluence Philanthropy’s Annual Practitioners’ Gathering is a three-day conference for current members of the Practitioners’ and Advisors programs, prospective members, and invited guests. Confluence Practitioners are grantmakers practicing mission-aligned investing, also known as impact-investing. Advisors Members represent the top investment managers and advisors in impact-investing today. Attendees are committed to building the field through strategic thinking and collaboration. It is not intended to serve as a marketplace for impact-investing. Sessions are led by funder-practitioners, investment experts, and other thought leaders.”

He will be on a panel discussion  “Tales From the Fire: Lessons from Clean Tech”

“Each year we draw lessons from the field by looking through a different lens in the wide world of mission-related investing. This year we’ll look at the 2007 collapse and subsequent evolution of the clean tech industry. From 2001-2012, numerous companies underperformed or failed from a lack of business-ready products, though some like Tesla succeed in combining existing components. Now, clean tech has become more streamlined by adopting lessons from other tech cultures, but investment has shifted away from the R&D necessary for long-term breakthroughs.”

He will be presenting on the cleantech financing bubble, explaining what went wrong with the first wave of cleantech investment, and discussing the ways in which public sector and non-profit actors have stepped in to bolster the sector in the interim.

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