Clean Energy Trust has made investments in 37 companies across storage, water, building technologies, and advanced transportation, from Kentucky to Kansas.

Of these 37 companies,

  • 38% of portfolio companies received their first investment from Clean Energy Trust
  • 57% have female or minority founders
  • 38% of our portfolio companies are based on university intellectual property
  • 73% are generating revenues


Acquired by Bosch – SPLT is an enterprise-first ridesharing platform that connects employees within organizations to share their commute. SPLT enables commuters with common travel plans to meet someone new within their organization, save money, and reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.


Nexmatix has developed a platform of products that makes pneumatics more efficient, including directional control valves used for actuation systems and air leak detection products that can recycle compressed air in non-actuated systems. Nexmatix is changing the industrial automation industry with an intelligent, energy efficient pneumatic platform.

DesignFlux Technologies

DesignFlux Technologies provides an all-in-one solution to energy management that integrates the energy source.

EP Purification

Exited – EP Purification manufactures novel and environmentally-sound systems for the purification of water and air. Microplasma technology uses ozone for wastewater purification, replacing chlorine-based products.


Never get stuck without power again. AMPY is a small wearable energy storage device that allows users to charge their portable devices through movement.