Nick Pritzker

Co-Chairman of the Board

Former vice-chairman of the board of directors of Conservation International, Nicholas Pritzker co-founded Tao Capital, which invests in tech and alternative energy businesses. Pritzker joined the Hyatt Hotels Corporation in 1978, led its real estate and development efforts for many years, and served as vice-chairman of the Board until his retirement in 2009. Mr. Pritzker is also Vice Chairman of Global Hyatt Corporation, the parent of Hyatt Hotels Corporation and HDC, where he focuses on real estate and development matters. He is also responsible for Hyatt’s gaming related activities. He is an independent entrepreneur and co-founder of Tao Capital. The investment firm primarily invests in sustainable energy and disruptive technology businesses. Tao Capital’s early investments include Tesla Motors, Uber, SpaceX, Twist Bioscience, Aquion, Atlantica Hotels, United Record Pressing and Foundations Recovery Network. He has served on non-profit boards, including Vice Chairman of Conservation International and Chairman of the Grand Victoria Foundation. Pritzker is the Chairman of the Libra Foundation. Pritzker received a BA in 1968 from Lake Forest College in Illinois and a law degree in 1974 from the University of Chicago.