Thirty-Seven Reasons
Not To Have An All-Male Clean Energy Panel in the Midwest

Don’t let All Male Panels happen to your organization. The good news is that with so many incredible women leaders in clean energy - science, technology, advocacy and business - it doesn’t have to!

We’ve all been there. You’re settling in to listen to a panel conversation at a conference, and you look up to realize, that it has happened again. You’re at another ALL MALE PANEL.

Don’t let AMP happen to your organization. The good news is that with so many incredible women in clean energy – science, technology, advocacy and business – it doesn’t have to!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are excited to help promote the cure for AMP. If you are looking to put together a panel or host a keynote speaker, make sure to keep these accomplished, brilliant women in mind.

The Founders

Anya Babbit – CEO, SPLT

Vicki Gonzalez – CEO, Nexmatix

Dr. Jennifer Holmgren – CEO, LanzaTech

Lisa Laughner – CEO, Go Electric

Marian Singer – CEO, WelIntel

Utility Power Players

Meena Beyers – Managing Director, Customer Engagement, Energy Efficiency, Nicor Gas

Dr. Kristen Brown – Principal Business Technology Specialist, Utility of the Future, ComEd

Jane Park – VP, Regulatory Policy & Strategy, ComEd

Corporate Leaders

Angela Foster Rice – Managing Director, Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, United Airlines

Ashley GroshVice President and Manager of Strategic Environmental Philanthropy, Wells Fargo

Mary Powell – CEO & President, Green Mountain Power

Anne Pramaggiore – CEO & President, ComEd

Front Line Advocates

Toba Pearlman – Staff Attorney & Clean Energy Advocate, Natural Resources Defence Council

Rebecca Stanfield – Senior Director, Vote Solar  

Jennifer Walling – Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Council

Sarah Wochos – Director, Policy and Business Development, Midwest, Borrego Solar Systems

The Investors

Sara Chamberlain – Managing Director, Energy Foundry

Amy Francetic – Managing Director, Invenergy Future Fund

Judy Li – Platform Associate, Energy Foundry

Veery Maxwell – Director, Energy Innovation & Policy

Katie McClain – Director of Market Development, Invenergy Future Fund

Susie Schneider and Emily Achler – Directors, Clean Energy Trust

Inspiring Storytellers

Governor Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, and Professor of Public Policy at Stanford University

  • And headlining keynote speaker for our big startup showcase event on May 23, Co_Invest Cleantech!

Emily Graslie – Chief Curiosity Correspondent, The Field Museum of Natural History

Amanda Hanley, Director, Hanley Foundation

Sophia Shrand – Creator, Science with Sophie

Allyson Sand and Erin Delawalla, Co-Creators, This is Altitude podcast

Smarter Cities

Brenna Berman – Executive Director, City Tech Collaborative

Beth Bond – Head of City Development, Bosch

Dr. Elizabeth Kocs – Director, Energy Initiative, University of Illinois Chicago

Caralynn Nowinski – CEO, UI Labs

Karen Weigert – Senior Fellow, Global Cities, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Serious Scientists

Dr. Leah Guzowski – Director, Strategy & Research Programs, Argonne National Labs

Dr. Elena Timofeeva – Founder, COO, and Director of R&D, Influit Energy  

Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz – Astronomer, Adler Planetarium

By Emily Achler | March 27, 2018