Wells Fargo Partnership Spurs Clean Energy Progress

For 4 years, Wells Fargo has been a dedicated partner of Clean Energy Trust. By supporting our programs and funding startups, they have seen enormous success in building out their own innovation pipeline and achieving corporate sustainability goals. More impact is expected following Wells Fargo's multi-year $1,000,000 commitment to CET.

It all started with an initial $20,000 event sponsorship and grew into so much more. Under the visionary leadership of Ashley Grosh, SVP Environmental Affairs at Wells Fargo, we have grown our partnership and expanded opportunities to bring new clean energy technologies to market.

From sponsorship of our signature accelerator and funding program, the CET Challenge, to successfully referring 3 out of 9 selected participants in Wells Fargo’s IN2 program – we have had tremendous impact in pushing new cleantech companies forward.

We just completed our 3rd round of IN2 referrals and finalized a $1,000,000 multi-year agreement for Wells Fargo support, so this is just the beginning!

CET & Wells Fargo timeline_June 2016


By Emily Achler | June 22, 2016