Iowa-based Soil Health Startup Continuum Ag Receives Pre-Seed Funding from Clean Energy Trust

Continuum Ag’s TopSoil software helps farmers manage soil health and implement regenerative agriculture practices.

Continuum Ag

CHICAGO, IL – October 6, 2021 – Clean Energy Trust announced its $200,000 investment in Iowa-based startup, Continuum Ag, developer of a software platform that helps farmers manage soil health and implement regenerative agricultural practices.

Continuum Ag’s TopSoil software integrates agronomic data and compiles the information into an easy-to-understand platform that offers soil health information. TopSoil provides benchmarking metrics, such as nutrients, organic matter, and microbial activity based upon different geographies, soil types, and cropping systems.

Clean Energy Trust joins Ag Startup Engine and Ag Ventures Alliance for this pre-seed round. Clean Energy Trust supports early-stage startups in the Greater Midwest working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. Ag Startup Engine at the Iowa State University Research Park invests in early seed-stage agricultural startups and Ag Ventures Alliance is a cooperative of farmers that invest in new technology and innovation to increase farm profitability.

“Continuum Ag provides the agricultural community the technical expertise and functional insights needed for the swift, profitable implementation of regenerative agricultural practices,” said Erik Birkerts, Chief Executive Officer at Clean Energy Trust. “We are particularly excited about the positive environmental impact Continuum can facilitate by helping farmers to sequester carbon in their soil and participate in carbon markets.”

“Growing up on a farm in Washington, Iowa, I understand the importance of both economic resiliency and environmental sustainability,” said Mitchell Hora, Founder and CEO at Continuum Ag. “I appreciate Clean Energy Trust’s support and look forward to working with them to continue to grow our reach using technological insights to improve soil health.”

With this support, Continuum Ag will grow their team and expand its offerings to large enterprise customers.

About Clean Energy Trust
Clean Energy Trust provides catalytic capital and support to early-stage startups in the Greater Midwest region of the United States working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. Based in Chicago, Clean Energy Trust invests in and provides hands-on support to help such startups scale and succeed. To date, Clean Energy Trust has helped its 37 portfolio companies raise $34 of additional investment for every $1 Clean Energy Trust has invested. Clean Energy Trust is proud that 60% of its portfolio companies have female or minority founders. Learn more at

About Continuum Ag
Continuum Ag is a soil health data company and the catalyst for sustainable agriculture.  Their mission is to help 1 million farmers profit from improved soil health. Continuum’s TopSoil Tool is the first soil health data platform and scales the science of agriculture soil farmers and their advisors can optimize the art of ag. Equipped with actionable soil health insights, TopSoil Network members realize economic resilience and environmental sustainability and they open up new revenue streams to invest in their family farm. Check out the system at or learn more at


Media Contact
Amy Yanow Fairbanks, Clean Energy Trust

By Amy Yanow Fairbanks | October 6, 2021